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Exploring the Convergence of Design & Tech with Creative Technologists

Join me on the Ambidextrous Podcast, a conversational journey where I, transitioning from designer to indie app developer and now a budding creative technologist, learn from the masters of design and development. Each episode is a relaxed chat with leading creative technologists who share their stories of overcoming challenges, breaking stereotypes, and seamlessly blending creativity with technical prowess. Tune in to discover actionable insights and personal anecdotes that illuminate the path to becoming a versatile innovator in today’s tech-driven world.

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[REWIND] Discussion with Eliz Kiliç
April 24, 202421:5520.11 MB

[REWIND] Discussion with Eliz Kiliç

Jeremie talks with Unscrambl's Head of Product, Eliz Kılıç about why she came from d...

[REWIND] Discussion with Jay Wilson
April 24, 202422:5220.97 MB

[REWIND] Discussion with Jay Wilson

Rewind from 2021 - In this episode of the Ambidextrous Podcast, host Jeremy converse...


Meet Your Podcast Host

With over 15 years of experience as a Product Designer and Software Engineer, Jeremie is now transitioning into the role of a Creative Technologist.
His extensive background in mobile and wearable technology, coupled with his emerging interest in mixed reality, equips him to transform imaginative ideas into impactful digital solutions.
Formerly a Lead Product Designer and proficient Swift Developer, Jeremie's career journey is marked by a deep passion for advancing the boundaries of human-machine interfaces and promoting environments that encourage cross-functional collaboration.
Committed to sharing knowledge and fostering the development of equitable, adaptive organizations, he aims to create technology that uplifts and connects people.
Join him on the Ambidextrous Podcast as he explores the fascinating intersection of design and technology.


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