Dwayne Paisley-Marshall - Building a Creative Technology Community
Ambidextrous PodcastJune 18, 20241:01:26

Dwayne Paisley-Marshall - Building a Creative Technology Community

Dwayne Paisley-Marshall, a creative technology director, discusses his journey from studying web design to becoming a creative technologist. He emphasizes the importance of having a foundation in both design and development and how it allows him to bridge the gap between the two disciplines. Dwayne also talks about the challenges of being a creative technologist and the need for more visibility and understanding of the role. He shares his experience in starting the Creative Technologies Collective, a community for creative technologists to connect, learn, and showcase their work. Dwayne highlights the value of collaboration and the potential for innovation in the field of creative technology. In this conversation, Dwayne Paisley-Marshall discusses the importance of collaboration and learning from others in the creative technology industry. He emphasizes the need for a centralized approach to creative technology and suggests the formation of a global creative tech committee. Dwayne also shares his thoughts on the future of augmented reality (AR) and the importance of embracing failure and curiosity in the field. He mentions the Creative Technology Collective as a valuable resource for staying connected with others in the industry.

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