Laurent Thevenet - Infusing Creativity into Engineering
Ambidextrous PodcastJuly 09, 20241:16:17

Laurent Thevenet - Infusing Creativity into Engineering

Laurent Thevenet, a leader in creative technology, shares his journey from computer science to creative tech. He discusses the influence of having a computer at home in shaping his career and the intersection of technology and creativity.

Laurent's experience includes working with prestigious brands and creating award-winning projects. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and infusing creativity into engineering. Laurent also highlights the challenges and successes of building a creative tech team within a traditional agency.
He highlights the importance of product design, engineering, and user experience (UX) in his work. Laurent also talks about the role of creative tech and design engineering, and how these roles are evolving in the industry. He emphasizes the need for a combination of creativity and technical skills in creating innovative experiences. Laurent shares his experiences working with Nike and the importance of craft and quality in design. He also discusses the challenges of finding talent with a balance of creative and technical skills. Laurent discusses the growth of his creative tech collective, Le Collective, and the importance of embracing diversity and experimentation. He emphasizes the need for hybrids who can bridge the gap between creative and tech, and the mindset required to work with AI. Laurent also highlights the importance of considering cultural differences and inclusivity when designing experiences for different markets. He shares his sources of inspiration, including sci-fi and speculative design, and discusses the importance of staying sharp and constantly learning.
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